Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from coaching?

During the initial session, we will thoroughly explore your desires and goals. We will identify your strengths, abilities, personality, and tendencies that have worked well for you in your life.  As your coach, I will ask you powerful questions that will challenge you to think and reflect on your own situation.  My questions never have a right or wrong answer, but rather, they are intended to help you explore and discover what is meaningful to you.

During each session, we will explore your goals and progress, and then we will create practical strategies and action steps for you to implement between sessions.  This tends to be where the real progress takes place.

As a coach, I love to encourage you and celebrate with you when you make progress.  At times, I will challenge you to stretch yourself further and reach for more.  At times, I help you look at different perspectives of your situation.  When you struggle to meet your goals, I gently help you dissect what went wrong, and then together, we create new strategies to overcome the obstacle.


How can I be sure to make the most from my coaching sessions?

Before each session, you will submit a pre-call coaching form, which includes a synopsis of your progress as well as your agenda of what you would like to work on next.  The more prepared you are for the call, the more likely you will gain valuable tools from it.  The real work happens between sessions – so if you are ready to stretch yourself and implement your action steps, you will be amazed at the progress you can make in a very short time.


How is Coaching different from Counseling?

Coaching assumes the client is basically well-adjusted and has a desire to pursue a greater level of success in some area in their life.  While counseling tends to focus on healing and problematic symptoms in a person’s life, life coaching focuses on the future and what steps a person can take to grow and accomplish personal goals and dreams.


How much does coaching cost?

It is my heart to make life coaching affordable and possible for the average person.  I encourage you to think of coaching as an investment in yourself and your future.   During your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and you may choose the length of contract that is appropriate for your situation.  Individual coaching contracts will be three, six, or nine months in duration.  The monthly fee is based on the following:

1 phone session per month and 1 email contact: $65 per month

2 phone sessions per month and up to 3 email contacts: $110 per month

3 phone sessions per month and up to 6 email contacts: $150 per month


What if I am not sure if I need counseling or coaching?

There is not  a formula to determine this, so I encourage you to contact me for a free initial consultation. We can together discuss your options and then you can choose which path is right for you.